ESET Product Testimonials

For years, ESET has been the antivirus and security solution preferred by the experts. Why? It proactively catches more malware (viruses, spyware, trojans, worms) than any other solution, it consumes less system resources, and it runs faster.

The best part is that-unlike some software IT experts recommend-ESET security solutions can be used by anyone. The most comprehensive computer protection on the market is available to everyone from home users to Fortune 500 companies.

And it couldn't be easier: just install and forget all about it. ESET solutions run quietly, automatically, and incredibly effectively in the background, protecting you, your business, your family, and every machine where ESET is installed from malware and Internet threats of most every kind.

Read below to learn why ESET is becoming the preferred security solution for IT professionals, industry insiders, and everyday people.

Featured Reviews

"9 out of 10...Nearly Perfect"

Maximum PC, December 2008

5 stars

SC Magazine, January 2009

"Best Buy"

Consumers Digest, April 2008

"[Smart Security Business Edition is] the ticket if you're looking for an easy setup and support for multiple locations"

Windows IT Pro, January 2009

"One of the five best Windows firewalls"

Lifehacker, October 2008

"This suite won't slow your PC anywhere near as much as its competitors"

Consumers Digest, March 2008

"ESET may be the most effective virus scanner you've never heard of"

Forbes, December 2008

"ESET's products have been put through the gamut by most of the independent antivirus testing labs and have always scored well; ESET Smart Security is no exception"

eWeek, November 2007

"ESET Smart Security is easy to use, inexpensive and offers thorough protection that is hard to beat"

eWeek, November 2007

"The most striking part of ESET Smart Security is the simplicity of its design"

VNUnet, March 2008

"The pool of advanced options overflows without drowning you in complex language. It's also one of the fastest scanners in the bunch. So what's the catch? We're still trying to find one!

MaximumPC, January 2009

"Kick Ass"

MaximumPC, January 2009

"ESET seems to have upped the ante considerably here... In a sudden leap, this new product [ESET Smart Security] has shaken off the complexity and actually taken something of a lead in terms of ease of use.

"The default settings put in place in a few easy steps during the installation seem ideal for general purpose use, information and alerting is clear and helpful without ever seeming intrusive or scare-mongering, and detailed configuration is about as straightforward and painless as such things can be.

"...the unobtrusiveness is further enhanced by the product's legendary lightning speed, miraculously unimpeded by the additional protection, keeping overheads to a level barely noticeable on modern high-powered systems.

"Covering all the essential bases with a smoothly integrated set of protective barriers, the combination of top-of-the-range detection, response time, heuristics and throughput with excellent presentation and design will make Smart Security pretty hard to beat."

John Hawes
Virus Bulletin, November, 2007
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"Despite its larger feature set ESS has a small footprint; it requires just 35Mbytes of disk space. This is very impressive when you consider suites, such as Norton 360, requires over 150Mbytes of space."

Jason Saundalkar, December, 2007

"Because of its advanced heuristics, ESET once again scored very high in the areas of proactive detection and scanning speed, with a remarkably light footprint."

Andreas Clementi
AV-Comparatives, December, 2007
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"Ultra-efficient operation with minimal system overhead - no Internet security bloatware here."

Joseph Moran
WinPlanet, November, 2007
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"ESET Smart Security proves to be a well-rounded and reliable security product for both users and channel players. It is easy to use, inexpensive and offers thorough protection that is hard to beat."

Frank J. Ohlhorst
eWeek Channel Insider, November, 2007
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"If you haven't used ESET's products before, you're liable to be impressed: the whole suite runs with the same quiet efficiency that NOD32 itself did."

Serdar Yegulalp
Information Week, November, 2007
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"ESET Smart Security really is a thoroughly integrated solution, quick to install and light in its use of system resources."

Neil J. Rubenking
PC Magazine, November, 2007
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