ESET Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange Server 6

ESET Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange Server 6

The product you are about to download requires ESET Remote Administrator 6 to be managed remotely.
To use ESET Remote Administrator 5, please see the “Other versions” of the product listed below.
Check here to confirm which version of ESET Remote Administrator you will require to remotely manage this product.
To activate this product you will need a License key. To obtain one, using your current Username and Password, go to ESET License Administrator.



Version 6.5.10055.X

  • Added: Ability to export Mail server protection log to Windows applications and Services Logs
  • Added: New rule with “From header” condition to help detect sender spoofing by allowing a user to compare message “From” headers with envelope senders
  • Added: New rules for blocking “Office files with macros” (.doc, .xls, .xml, etc.) and "Dangerous script file attachments" (*.js, *.jse, *.vb, *.vba, *.vbe, *.vbs, *.bat, *.cmd, *.ws, *.wsf, *.wsc, *.wsh, *.ps1, *.ps2, *.psc1, *.psc2)
  • Added: Check box for turning on/off log export to Windows applications and Services logs
  • Added: Information about file names and hashes of infected attachments to event log
  • Added: Logging from SPF rule if diagnostic logging is on
  • Improved: Readability of diagnostic Antispam logs
  • Improved: Interpretation of “eml” extension in rules
  • Improved: Help documentation for Quarantine Web interface on Windows 2003 and SSL
  • Fixed: Potential application freeze when periodic module update conflicts with rules configuration sync via ESET cluster or ERA
  • Fixed: "Automatically bypass Greylisting if SPF check passed" setting evaluates SPF also with disabled Greylisting option
  • Fixed: Health Mailbox messages are Greylisted
  • Fixed: Some of the inputs required for SPF are null
  • Fixed: Joint SPF/Greylisting whitelists were disabled when SPF was turned on and Greylisting was turned off
  • Fixed: Incorrect rule level for SPF, DMARC and DKIM
  • Fixed: Overall limit if querying Max domains for A records
  • Fixed: Various minor localization bugs

Version 6.5.10019.X

  • Added: On demand should support scanning in multi-domain environments
  • Added: Quarantine - reindex and integrity check
  • Improved: Licensing: switch between two licensing modes based on specific flags in the license
  • Improved: Improve mail identification for temporary AS quarantine
  • Fixed: Delivery problem for mobile e-mail clients Exchange 2003
  • Fixed: SPF evaluation problem
  • Fixed: Mailbox count does not show any mailboxes on Parent domain
  • Fixed: Wrong string on Setup - Server - disable protection
  • Fixed: 'Server scan' task from ERA performs Database scan even if database targets are not selected
  • Fixed: EMSX tasks in scheduler do not support unicode characters
  • Fixed: Domain to IP lists do not read SPF records
  • Fixed: eShell - new scheduler task has wrong time
  • Fixed: Mail server protection log does not show IP in IPv6 environment
  • Fixed: HTTP 500 Internal Server Error is shown after changing page in quarantine web interface
  • Fixed: Quarantine web does not display any emails
  • Fixed: Custom TEMP path does not work in transport scanning
  • Fixed: ERA Override mode is not working for AD Group SID identifiers

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