Privacy & Identity protection

We provide users with the tools to safely manage their personal data. This includes unlimited VPN security, seamless password management, ultra-secure data encryption, and other powerful functionalities.

Safe Browsing: Safeguard your online activities with a secured browser mode. This functionality offers an additional layer of browsing protection, defending against malware, keylogging, and other types of digital threats. It is automatically activated for all compatible browsers.

Webcam Protection: This functionality monitors your computer for attempts to use your webcam. It alerts you to unexpected attempts and allows you to block them—a simple way to boost your privacy.

Password Manager: All you need to remember is your master password! Use this functionality to safely store and organize passwords, automatically fill in forms, and generate highly encrypted passwords. Secure your browsing history remotely and receive alerts when your passwords are at risk.

Secure Data: Boost your privacy and security with powerful encryption of files and removable media. Prevent data theft in the event of USB or laptop loss, and ensure secure collaboration and data sharing.

VPN: Secure your network connection in public and private spaces. The VPN prevents data theft and unwanted tracking and keeps you safe with an anonymous IP address. With unlimited bandwidth, you’ll get unlimited access to online content. Easily share it with friends!