Smart Home protection

Our solutions secure your entire digital toolbox—everything from PCs, laptops, and smartphones to smart TVs and IoT devices. And they work across all major operating systems: Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

PCs, laptops & desktops: Robust protection across all your devices: PCs, laptops, desktops, and more. With ESET, you can stay safe from malware and other threats, ensure safer online banking and browsing, and monitor your security status. Test your home router and smart devices for vulnerabilities with Network Inspector, and prevent online and offline attacks with Modern Endpoint Protection.

Smart TVs & IoT devices: Secure your smart TV and IoT ecosystem—mobiles, cars, home appliances, and more. Test your devices for vulnerabilities with Network Inspector, and prevent threats to access and extort your data with the Ransomware Shield. Real-time protection, scheduled scanning, and Anti-Phishing keep you safe, up-to-date, and scam-free.

Mobiles & smartphones: Comprehensive security for your mobile devices. Solutions like ESET Mobile Security for Android shield users from all types of malware. Safely browse and bank online, safeguard your smartphone or tablet against digital threats, and take action against loss or theft. With automatic scanning and security monitoring, you’ll stay protected and informed.