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Restrict access to inappropriate content by blocking access to certain web pages. This functionality is fully customizable, allowing parents to restrict access for certain users based on user roles.

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Parents can also restrict access by adding or removing items from the list of web categories for each user role. If the check box next to category is selected then it is allowed. By deselecting a specific category, parents can block it for the selected user role.

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See a detailed log of Parental control activity (blocked pages, the account the page was blocked for, reason, etc.) in order to better monitor Internet activity on your computer.

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Did you know?


ESET Smart Security 6 feature
Parental control is a feature in ESET Smart Security 6 that helps parents protect their children while they use the Internet.

Password protected
Parental Control is disabled by default. When enabling for the first time, you will be prompted to protect your settings with a password.


Manage your control
Once you have enabled Parental Control, you have a range of tools
to control the web content your kids are able to access.

Smart protection
Parents can also use Parental control to password protect their ESET security product settings to prevent children changing their profiles.


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