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The "AUSTAR One" Partner Program overview is intended to help our partners do business with us.

A partnership with ESET is a mutually beneficial relationship that will create new opportunities for increased revenue, an expanded market share and strengthen existing customer relationships. The AUSTAR One Partner Program is a simple four level structure and provides partners with an opportunity to achieve higher levels of partnership by meeting specified program requirements. Higher level partners require more commitment but also yield greater benefits. Each level includes access to pre-sales and post-sales support as well as marketing materials and training. As a valued partner, you can also achieve greater market exposure expanding your business and revenue opportunities through access to our broad and growing customer base.

When any of our Partners achieves the minimum requirements for the next partnership level, they may submit an application to upgrade. Upon approval of the application by ESET, the Partner will be granted the benefits associated with the higher level.



This base partnership level is appropriate for small companies that interact with ESET through minimal investment and program requirements. Revenue expectations and corresponding benefits are basic at this level. Select partners interact primarily with ESET via an online, automated and self-serve system.


Silver Partners are characterized by their in-depth vertical market knowledge or presence within a concentrated geographic location. These Partners maintain a small base of fully trained and certified technicians; have partner portal access and an assigned ESET Manager.


At a higher level of commitment, these partners have demonstrated an ability to provide integrated services with broad industry knowledge. Gold Partners maintain a medium-size base of fully-trained, certified technicians and sales specialists and manage their own reseller channel. They commit themselves to prepare a marketing plan to actively promote ESET products. Partners have access to partner portal and dedicated ESET Manager is assigned to them.


Platinum Partners are entitled to the highest level of partnership and commitment from ESET in exchange for greater commitment of resources. Terms for Platinum Partners are negotiated on an individual basis.


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