R U In Control?

The Queensland Police Service has created an awareness campaign titled “R U In Control” Its aim: to combat rising Queensland cybercrime rates by educating Queenslanders about the dangers of online criminal activity.


AUSTRALIANS are losing an astounding $4.5 billion per year due to cybercrime, according to Queensland Police.

The Queensland Police Service is doing an amazing job in creating an awareness campaign titled “R U In Control” that aims to combat rising cybercrime rates by educating Queenslanders about the dangers of online criminal activity.

The “R U In Control” Campaign offers practical advice including how to detect suspicious activity and how to report it.

The latest target of cybercrime in Queensland was a Brisbane based business that saw malware access its systems in order to acquire their client list.

Armed with a contact list, a scammer can mask themselves as a company known to the business and ask them to update their bank details in their system. The scammers then send the business an invoice for a large sum. Also, any subsequent genuine invoices sent for payment will also be deposited into the scammers account.

Most companies will be unaware that they've have been scammed until they're contacted or sent an overdue payment advice.

Small businesses have reported losing up to $90,000 from this type of scam.

Access Granted

How does this usually happen? A criminal can gain access to a computer system after an employee inadvertently clicks on a link in a convincing fake email (phishing), or via a computer that has inadequate or expired antivirus software.

Ways to protect yourself from Cyber attacks

Here are some fundamental things you could do to start protecting yourself and your IT framework against cybercrime:

  • Use an antivirus program.
  • Control and regularly audit access to your systems.
  • Always install software updates.
  • Regularly backup all your files.
  • Be suspicious of unsolicited emails.
  • Make a follow up phone call when receiving notice of changes to bank account or payment details.
  • Never pay a ransom.


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