ESET validated in third-party performance tests, takes gold

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ESET validated in third-party performance tests, takes gold

Ensuring cybersecurity solutions live up to their promises is critical to business, consumers and our shared online commons. Independent tests of antimalware software are central to this effort. ESET recently received high praise from not just one but two independent testing organizations – commending its low rate of false positives and low system impact across ESET’s security solutions for both Windows consumers and Mac business users.

ESET Endpoint Security for macOS

Mac users have joined the fray, becoming common targets for malicious actors. Malware for Macs is growing exponentially and in business, industry experts are also seeing a rise in the number of Advanced Persistent Threats in the enterprise environment.

Thus, identifying a solution that meets security needs without compromising performance is crucial. When AV-TEST put ESET Endpoint Security for macOS through its paces it was clear that the software lived up to Mac users’ expectations.

Among the solutions tested for corporate users, ESET achieved perfect detection – identifying and blocking all 514 macOS threats. Testers were also impressed by ESET’s low rate of false positives and its behavior towards ‘potentially unwanted applications’ (PUAs). ESET filtered out nearly 700 PUAs between 98 and 100 percent. AV-TEST Institute remarked the protection provided by ESET is nothing short of “impeccable”. See the report: Put to the Test: Antivirus Solutions for MacOS Sierra.

AV-Comparatives awards ESET Internet Security top spot

Annually, AV-Comparatives rates the best scoring IT security products awarding prizes across five categories in its public main-test series. ESET impressed testers this year, and were awarded the Gold prize in both the Performance and False Positive Tests.

AV testing, measures reliability and just as importantly, detection. This is because a single False Positive may command vast resources from engineering and support teams in order to resolve the knock-on security and human resource impacts. Beyond that, False Positives can even lead to important data loss or system unavailability. Getting it right is critical, and that is exactly what ESET does. Following extensive false-positive testing over the year, AV- Comparatives established that ESET had no False Positives in 2017. This was something no other security solution managed and, consequently, ESET received the Gold award.

ESET Internet Security was also recognized – with two tests over the course of the year – for its low impact on system performance– taking the Gold award in this category. AV-Comparatives said that they found the solution, “very easy to use, thanks to the excellent user interface and a self-configuring firewall”.

Read in AV Comparatives 2017 Summary Report.

You can also learn more about ESET’s award-winning solutions: HERE