In Japan, ESET sets the standard for customer loyalty in NTT Com Online’s Net Promoter Score® Benchmark Survey for security software

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James Shepperd

The Japanese market has long been a barometer for customer loyalty. This is echoed in the approach taken by ESET’s business and technology divisions, which have long used the Japanese consumer segment to steer product decisions. Japan’s vast marketplace of quality-centric buyers means that “making it here” signals that we are doing things right in Japan, across the APAC region, and globally.

One of the key annual indicators of “doing things right” is NTT Com Online Marketing Solutions Corporation’s 2021 Net Promoter Score® (NPS®) Benchmark Survey for security software. With a fifth consecutive first place among five market leaders — McAfee, Norton, Zero (SOURCENEXT), Trend Micro, and Kaspersky — ESET is happy to report this important indicator, especially on the back of a tough 2021 when consumers in Japan and globally had to come to grips with a changed IT security landscape.

This year the survey was run from November 22 to 24 and utilized more than 2,500 valid responses. The survey shows customer loyalty and satisfaction with IT security software. With NTT Com positioned as one of the top marketing companies in Japan, the company also runs NPS benchmark surveys for other key products and services, including banks, insurance, and media streaming services.

The 2021 survey reveals that ESET and its products continue to hold on to the top spot in the NPS Benchmark Survey, earning a fifth consecutive first place result among the surveyed vendors. The surveyed customers evaluated ESET’s consumer products as lightweight, fast, and offering high protection (low false positive and high detection rates).

ESET’s NPS score surpassed the average score by more than 12 points. In this survey, customers were asked how likely they would be to recommend their security software product to friends and colleagues. The calculation for the NPS was made by taking the percentage of those more likely to recommend the product and subtracting the percentage of those who were neutral or not likely to recommend the product. The NPS is an indicator of customers’ willingness to continue to use the product compared to competitors.

As always, ESET has applied itself to innovating new technologies, while staying mindful that our Japanese customers’ high regard for our products has largely come from its streamlined user interface and high performance. Again, we are taking these lessons into 2022, with the aim of securing another top score in NTT Com’s NPS Benchmark Survey.