Cybersecurity Tips & Tricks: Threat Hunters

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You may hear security professionals talk about threat hunting. Just what do they mean?

Organizations around the globe struggle to hire and retain the cybersecurity professionals needed to keep their organizations safe. In fact, statistics show that there is a growing cybersecurity skills gap and a 63% shortage of skilled professionals.

When endpoint and response software generate security alarms or alerts, the issue can sometimes be outside the scope of internal security teams’ resources, and so organizations have to call on the services of specialized groups of individuals to assist – the threat hunters. In addition to investigating the incident, external professionals can assist in the skills transfer needed for future incidents, as they have a deeper understanding of the threat analysis tools.

Similar to how a medical practice might refer a patient to a specialist who is more equipped to deal with the ailment, threat hunters have the skills, equipment and additional knowledge to deal with advanced cybersecurity threats where regular IT teams may not.

The ESET Enterprise Inspector is an endpoint detection and response tool that is complemented by a team of threat hunting specialists who can be called on as and when required, so you can rest assured you’re always in capable hands.