How ESET’s Gamer mode helps you win your favorite video game

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In the gamer world, there is a well-beaten discussion about the negative impact that antivirus products often have on system performance while gamers are playing.

Scanning, updates and notifications are some of the necessary features of security solutions that can negatively affect your playing experience. Thanks to ESET’s Gamer mode, none of these problems will interfere with your gaming whenever you need to reach the next level.

What is Gamer mode?

Gamer mode is a feature included in all ESET Windows home products at no additional cost. It is designed for anyone who needs to use software without interruptions – without distracting windows popping up on the screen – while minimizing the use of the CPU. When you activate this feature, all pop-up windows are blocked, and unnecessary background tasks are stopped. Your ESET security solution will continue protecting you without demanding any interaction on your part.

At any time, you can select the option “Enable Gamer mode when running applications in full-screen mode automatically” via the “Advanced setup” options, which you can open by pressing the F5 key. Then click “Tools” to find “Gamer mode.”

How can Gamer mode help every time you play?

This is a good question that deserves some real-world examples:

  • Imagine that you find yourself in your Minecraft map, proudly finishing off a city with a unique design that has demanded quite a lot of your time. Suddenly, you notice that the audio begins to cut out, the graphics start glitching and any movements that you use to continue your construction are delayed by an insupportable lag. You notice that your antivirus product is running a deep scan while downloading the latest virus signature update at the same time. Understandably, the performance of your computer has dropped severely. So, you decide to pause your game until your antivirus program finishes its tasks.

This will not happen if you use ESET’s Gamer mode, because it deactivates and delays these kinds of heavy tasks, while maintaining the protection of your PC.

  • You are in Los Santos (GTA), where you have reunited the team – Trevor, Michael and Franklin – and have prepared the most detailed plan to hit the jewelry store. Until that moment, everything has been going as planned, you are on time and the police have not even realized that you are there. However, a series of notifications from your antivirus program suddenly appears and blocks your vision. You decide to close the notifications, but the distraction has caused you to fail in the robbery, and you have to try again.

Gamer mode turns off notifications from your ESET product, meaning that your game will never be interrupted.

  • You have arrived at the finals of a passionately played online tournament on FIFA 19. The competition is stiff, and the slightest mistake could cause you to lose the trophy to an opponent. Your concentration is at maximum level. Your only thought is to advance the ball up the field and take the first opportunity to convert your play into a winning goal. While you battle for the ball midfield, a notification from your antivirus pops up and asks you to authorize the download of update components for the software. You cannot make the pop-up disappear unless you decide to “Accept” or “Cancel” the action. By the time you have gotten rid of the notification, your rival has stolen the ball and advanced to the front of your goal – an almost irreversible situation!

By preventing alerts demanding user interaction, Gamer mode ensures you will never lose a FIFA match as a result of bothersome interruptions.

As you can see, your video gaming experience will never be ruined by ESET products. On the contrary, with ESET installed, you’ll continue to protect yourself online while enjoying your favorite games – without interruption, without required user actions and without slowing down your PC.

Try ESET Internet Security for free now, and you will see that the success of your match depends only on your concentration, your strength and your skills as a gamer.