Staying safe and ahead of the game with ESET Home products

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Did you know that the gaming industry grossed over $135 billion in 2018? That’s more than global box office revenues! Not only that, the industry is only getting bigger as gaming becomes an increasingly central part of mainstream entertainment, with a wider demographic of gamers than ever before. Of the estimated 2.2 billion gamers in the world, 1.2 billion of those are playing games on a PC, and as such, a cybersecurity software that caters to consumers’ needs, whether work or play, is absolutely vital.

With so much of our lives embedded in the digital sphere, basic cybersecurity no longer fits the bill for many. As with mobile phones, our laptops and desktops are an integral part of both our leisure and work lives, and it’s important that users are equipped with cutting-edge protection against the latest threats that still allows them to enjoy the full power of their machines.

Enter ESET products, multilayered antimalware protection for all internet users, built on ESET’s trademark mix of best detection, speed and usability. The software is optimized for maximum performance and minimal interference so users can play, work and browse the internet without slowdowns. Providing advanced protection without compromising performance is essential – no matter how state of the art your protection is, it’s no use if it gets in the way of your everyday tasks and activities or slows down your devices.

This is especially relevant for gamers, as advanced graphics cards and displays require full processing power, without interruption or distracting pop-ups getting in the way. ESET’s products feature a Gamer Mode, whereby the software automatically switches to silent mode if any program is run in full screen. System updates and notifications are then postponed, saving resources for gaming and video display. Along with its small system footprint, the software also saves on internet bandwidth and works with any operating system, making it perfect even for intense eSport competitions.

A recent competition held this past August featured Infamous Gaming, a Peruvian eSports team, who entered the ranks of the Top 8 in “The International”, a major Dota 2 competition. The team leverages ESET security solutions to secure their machines while preserving optimal gaming performance.

ESET’s top-tier product – ESET Smart Security Premium – features ESET Password Manager, a vital tool when switching between multiple gaming accounts on different platforms. With multiple passwords and usernames to remember, it can be tempting to pick the same one or to keep them simple. ESET’s Password Manager means users can enjoy gaming knowing they are protected by strong, resilient passwords.

Not just faster, safety counts

Gaming online also brings with it its own threat landscape. The features of ESET products, including anti-phishing, mean gamers can enjoy their devices’ fullest capabilities while remaining protected from the threats that reside on the internet, such as malware, keyloggers, password stealers or dodgy game downloads. Gamers are often targeted by phishing campaigns, such as the World of Warcraft phishing incident in 2011, when users were targeted with emails asking them to secure their accounts via a malicious link.

That’s not all. Online forums where fans discuss strategy and tactics and can buy/access mods, or modifications, are often plagued by poisoned URLs, malicious ads and scams. For example, links to purchase mods can be used by cyber criminals to harvest sensitive banking credentials through fake websites or login pages. Alternatively, some fake product downloads may seem real at first but are malicious cryptocurrency miners in disguise. Crypto mining software can damage computer performance, increase electricity bills and infect cloud infrastructure and can be extremely hard to detect – so it is vital that gamers are always protected from potential threats.

At ESET, we're proud to provide not only a state-of-the-art security solution for consumers but also one that seamlessly integrates into our modern, digital lives. ESET’s latest-edition products feature a whole range of advanced features to cater to every security need.