Hidden Culprits: Protecting enterprises against physical data theft

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Another day, another data breach at a major corporation – and, while a lot of these breaches are the result of malware and the activity of cybercriminals, you might be surprised to learn that stolen laptops and the loss of physical data are other key culprits. Most large enterprises are equipped with advanced security software and have IT teams dedicated to ensuring that their business data is secure and protected. However, falling victim to a large-scale data breach can pose a reputational disaster for large organizations, many of which are entrusted with massive amounts of customer and client data.

While enterprises can’t discount the importance of anti-malware precautions, protection against the loss of physical data must also be considered, as the consequences can be just as dire. Quite simply, stealing a laptop is much easier than hacking a database – especially the database of a large-scale enterprise, which likely has state-of-the-art security in place and an around-the-clock team of experts at their disposal to counter such attacks. Stealing a laptop or USB means gaining direct access to company files, without raising the alarm bells of the IT team.

It can take hours before  employees realize their belongings are missing, and by that time, the damage has already been done. While it seems unlikely that cybercriminals are trying to pickpocket CEOs on their morning commutes, large enterprises are  greater targets than small businesses.

The key to protecting your enterprise against the loss of data is full disk encryption. ESET’s Full Disk Encryption (EFDE) means businesses operating with ESET remote management consoles can deploy, activate, and encrypt endpoints in their businesses with a single action. ESET Full Disk Encryption (EFDE) ensures that everything stored on each PC or laptop is locked down and secure, and allows admins to deploy, activate, and encrypt endpoints via a one-click action from a single console, meaning large-scale organizations can be protected quickly, in case of the theft or loss of physical data.

Again, timing is of the essence in cases of data theft, especially when large volumes of sensitive data are at stake. With the EFDE managed through the ESET Security Management Center console, organizations can respond quickly and efficiently to potential data loss, and IT teams are able to monitor and manage the encryption status of data from various endpoints. In order to stay one step ahead of data theft, enterprises must ensure that they have invested in the valuable protection of their data and resources.