Increasing the security and value of your own solutions

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Recently, ESET showed off its Anti-Malware Software Development Kit, which it rolled out in parallel with its new portfolio of enterprise solutions at RSA 2018.

Software Development Kit to the rescue

Software Development Kits open new doors to developers, enabling them to enrich any software environment or application with additional functionality. ESET’s Anti-Malware SDK can be used to bolster the solutions and applications being developed or used by a company via the addition of an extra layer of security. The Anti-Malware SDK also allows developers to deliver built-in anti-malware solutions to deliver custom solutions with even higher levels of security for the organization’s IT environment and can benefit from 30 years of ESET technology.

Available for Windows and Linux platforms, the SDK provides scanning and detection capabilities that are valid for a wide range of applications and implementation scenarios – offering increased security in the face of various types of malware, including threats to Windows, Mac, mobile malware, and ransomware.

“The name of the game is enhancing your organization’s existing platforms. Whether as an end user you’d like to equip your own systems with security components, or as a large-scale vendor wanting to integrate our SDK and anti-malware scanning engine into solutions or applications you sell/provide to customers with the functionality already embedded, SDK can support that,” explains Tomas Heriban, Business Development Manager at ESET. “The options extend to storage solutions, cloud applications, your organization's intranet and server infrastructure, but are practically endless."

ESET SDK’s functionality makes it valuable in increasing the security of internal and external systems both online and offline, giving organizations complete control over the implementation process and the selection of components to be used in the environment.
Making security a part of everyone’s business

It has never been easier to augment your products with the identical scanning engine that powers our award-winning multilayered protection. Based on the nature of the solution or service your organization provides, you can opt for the ESET Anti-Malware SDK to stay competitive and increase the security of your own products and data.

“We built the ESET Anti-Malware SDK on the back of our proven scanning and detection technologies,” explains Jakub Debski, Chief Product Officerat ESET. “As such, SDK components are fully serviceable in detecting all types of threats modern organizations face on a daily basis such as phishing, ransomware, Trojans, and keyloggers. Ultimately, this means that the ESET SDK enables more customization, control and security for your organization’s IT infrastructure, for your products and services, or both.”

To best determine how ESET’s SDK can increase the value of services used and developed by your organization, contact us.