ESET Password manager: Here to improve your online security

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The endless struggle with passwords continues…, but ESET is here to advise you on some top tactics to protect your sensitive data. Read on to find out more about the latest version of ESET Password Manager – an easy and secure way to protect yourself.
We use passwords to gain access to systems that hold an endless treasure trove of information about us – such as our bank accounts, social media pages and both personal and professional emails. With identity data theft becoming one of the world’s fastest growing crimes, it’s hugely important to protect ourselves by maintaining strong and unique passwords.

Why are ‘strong and unique’ passwords such a hot-button issue? When we have endless other things competing for our attention and limited storage space in our human-sized brains, they’re quite simply a pain to remember. For example, when creating an account for the umpteenth online clothes retailer we’re purchasing shoes from, creating a new and complex password that we’ll actually remember is not high on the priority list. So, what should we do?

Discover ESET Password Manager
If you have a head like a sieve, or are simply just a normal human being, password managers are a way forward. Password management technology assists in creating and storing complex passwords, so you don’t have to, and ESET has recently launched the latest version of their password manager.

ESET Password Manager, part of ESET Smart Security Premium, is a multiplatform solution available on major platforms - including Windows, Android and iOS.  After setting up a password store, users can create new web and app accounts and identities which can be grouped together or marked as favourite for quick access. All of this data is encrypted and protected by a master password – meaning users are only responsible for remembering one simple password and can once again becomes masters of their own password destiny.

Extensions are even available for popular web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari. They automatically fill in the needed information when logging into a web portal, entering a credit card or creating a new account – so less time is spent remembering a password and more time getting out into the sunshine as the May flowers bloom.

New and improved password management
A recent upgrade from ESET means ESET Password Manager is now better than ever; with an increased emphasis on user experience and even better security. News features include:

•    Integration of iOS face detection:  Users are now able to use Face ID to unlock their ESET Password Manager application on their iPhones, a sleeker alternative to the old-fashioned PIN and Master password.
•    Two-Factor Authentication with Google Authenticator: To further increase the security of stored data, ESET has also integrated Google Authenticator as an optional two-factor authentication (2FA), used in conjunction with the user’s mobile devices. After that, a 6-digit code generated by Google Authenticator app will be needed each time to unlock the application. This ensures a password, PIN or Face ID can’t be used alone to gain access to sensitive data.
•    Secure sharing of login information: Sharing passwords securely can be a struggle but is sometimes necessary. This is why the new feature, Secure Sharing does just that – enabling users to share their login information in a way that is safe and easy. Users of Windows versions of ESET Passwords Manager just need to know the email address of the ESET Password Manager user they want to share an account with. They even have the option to choose between full or limited rights which restrict the ownership of the shared items. An email is then sent to selected email addresses, notifying the user about the invitation to share login information.

Branislav Jánošík, ESET Product Manager, commented that: „It’s easy to ignore the vast amount of data you’re leaving exposed when using a weak password, but you wouldn’t leave your house protected with a flimsy door and an easily broken lock - so why leave your bank accounts vulnerable with weak passwords? Using ESET Password Manager is the easiest way to protect yourself in a simple and convenient way.”

To find out more about ESET’s solutions, visit the website to learn about ESET Smart Security Premium and all it offers – including our top of the line password manager technology.