• Identity Theft Protection: How to Prevent Identity Theft Online

    Keys for password protection and safety software with personal firewall and anti-phishing features can help prevent identity theft and other cyber threats.


    Hello, my name is Alison Rhodes, and I'm...

  • Calling All Parents - Mobile Safety

    Important Safety Tips When Using Smartphones:


    1. Lock your phone with a passcode

    2. Use wi-fi cautiously. Public Networks leave you vulnerable

    3. Keep your apps update and only purchase them from...

  • Calling All Parents - Protect Your Privacy

    Protect your privacy on the internet:


    1. Limit online sharing of personal information & photos

    2. Use strong passwords and update them every 90 days

    3. Take advantage of free educational...

  • Calling All Parents - Online Safety Campaign

    What is this ""Calling All Parents"" thing? Why did we get involved with it?

    Andrew Lee (CEO, ESET North America) and Susan Taylor (Youth Cyber Safety Advocate) answer these questions and a few more...

  • ESET Mobile Security for Android

    ESET Mobile Security protects your adventures, memories and devices in the Android world.


    ESET's technology lets you stay secure and in control of your phone and personal data no matter what.

  • U-T TV coverage of SOeC/ESET Cyber Boot Camp

    U-T TV's Tristan Nichols reports on the Cyber Boot Camp hosted by Securing Our eCity and ESET North America.