Security Success Blueprint: Trends & Insights from ESET's Experts

What security controls and resources should you prioritize in 2023?

In today's rapidly changing digital landscape, valuable research can help you implement practical strategies to safeguard your organization against emerging threats. Join our panel of experts as they discuss how you can leverage our 2023 Threat Report to grow your defenses against the latest high-risk vulnerabilities this year, including:

  • a first-of-its-kind attack compromising macOS devices
  • low subscription fees enabling the stealing of data
  • new attacks being tested by a near decade-old 'malspam' operation
  • the most popular brute-force attacks on the Microsoft SQL server

Presented by ESET's: Tony Anscombe, Chief Security Evangelist, Cameron Camp, Specialized Security Researcher, and Jorge Andino Jr., Field Sales Engineer

Duration: 60 minutes