ESET Security for Microsoft SharePoint Server 6

ESET Security for Microsoft SharePoint Server 6

Version : 6.5.15013.0, Taille : 116.2 MB

Nom de fichier : eshp_nt64_esl.msi


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Version 6.5.15013.0

  • Fixed: Infected file copied via network is not detected by Real-time protection
  • Fixed: Incorrect information in Database scan Log
  • Fixed: The error message "There were errors executing the SHPIO helper tool" displays after installation
  • Fixed: SharePoint Administrator Username does not update correctly in Advanced setup
  • Fixed: Changing the On-access filter “Action to take if cleaning not possible” to “No action” does not save correctly
  • Fixed: Selecting “Revert to default” in “On-access filter” settings removes the text in the "Template of a message displayed on threat detection" field
  • Fixed: eShell scans are not visible in list of scans in eShell
  • Fixed: SharePoint ULS logs display "Detected use of SPRequest for previously closed SPWeb object" after running On-demand database scan
  • Fixed: SharePoint event log displays the messages that services are not running when a SharePoint account is not a local admin
  • Fixed: Context menu options do not work in Advanced setup fields with multiple-lines
  • Fixed: Reverting to defaults in the “Antivirus and antispyware” section changes the scan targets list in “Basic” section
  • Fixed: Unable to remove the notification “SharePoint on-access filter is disabled” status

Version 6.5.15009.0

  • Fixed: Change in Database Scan Target > Custom Target field, disables Save button
  • Fixed: License expiration information does not display in output
  • Improved: Modified error message for unexpected issues with SharePoint configuration access

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