ESET Mail Security for IBM Domino 6

ESET Mail Security for IBM Domino 6
Produkt, který se chystáte stáhnout, vyžaduje na vzdálenou správu ESET Remote Admnistrator 6.
Pokud chcete požít ESET Remote Administrator 5, prohlédněte si "Ostatní verze" níže.
Zkontrolujte, kterou verzi ESET Remote Administrator budete používat na vzdálenou správu tohoto produktu.
K aktivaci tohoto produktu potřebujete licenční klíč. Na jeho získání z aktuálního přihlašovacího jména a hesla použijte ESET Licence Administrator.


Změny ve verzi

Version 6.4.14022.0

  • Added: Ability to move message attachments into quarantine during transport.
  • Improved: Added recipients list to an additional column for the quarantine template.
  • Fixed: Scanning mail body with uuencoded content will not result in scanning module error or crash anymore.
  • Fixed: Missing relevant log events in ESET Remote Administrator reports.
  • Fixed: Temporary rejection reason for specific messages is missing in antispam log.
  • Fixed: Various bugs in eShell command line console.

Version 6.4.14010.0

  • Fixed: With HTTP protocol check enabled, Domino Web Access is not functional due to unsupported encoding.
  • Fixed: Application data swapping to local drive could trigger real-time protection module to intervene before results were collected by internal threads.
  • Fixed: SKY - Overall statistics for mailbox database protection activity can suddenly report irrationally high values in reported messages moved to quarantine.