DESlock+ Server 2





  • Improved: Polish language translation


  • Fixed: Resolved timeout problem running various reports.
  • Fixed: Resolved a few translation errors.
  • Improved: Added language support.
  • Improved: Translations for Polish, Japanese and Chinese (Simplified and Traditional).
  • Replaced Alerts with a more comprehensive Events logging system.
  • Improved: Enterprise Server admin password reset tool.
  • Removed PHP extension requirement and reliance on a single PHP version.
  • Improved: Support for formatting time in time zone other than in UTC.
  • Improved: Database restore code which could sometimes leave the database in an incomplete restored state.
  • Improved: Extra checking to some control panel entry fields.
  • Proxy server can be provided with user name/password during setup wizard, even if it doesn't prompt for credentials (via a 407 error code).
  • Improved: Configuration option to specify path to OpenSSL binary file.
  • Fixed: Issue creating backup when organization name was Unicode.
  • Fixed: Problem creating new login role in control panel.
  • Fixed: Problem uploading custom SSL certificate.
  • Fixed: SQL injection privilege escalation attack.
  • Fixed: Minor user interface improvements.
  • Updated to latest versions of libCurl and OpenSSL.
  • Fixed: Resolved problem with logout where user still appeared in the active list for a period of time after actual logout.