ESET Virtualization Security 1 for VMware NSX

ESET Virtualization Security 1 for VMware NSX

Version :, Taille : 4.7 GB

Nom de fichier : evs_nsx.ova




  • First release of VMware NSX compatible version of ESET Virtualization Agentless Anti-Malware security.
  • Integration of Virtual Agent Host, ESET NSX Service Manager and Scanning VM into one Appliance.
  • Automatic deployment of new EVS appliances on new hosts immediately after they are added to vCenter Cluster. This allows automatic protection of newly added hosts and virtualized workloads, which drastically reduces time needed for security deployment.
  • Automatic protection of new VMs deployed on protected hosts as they are created.
  • Native support of VMware NSX automation, supporting Micro Segmentation and automatic task execution. ESET Virtualization Security automatically moves infected machines to a different micro segment to prevent malware spread, and then executes scanning. Once ESET Virtualization Security proves that a machine is clean, it is returned to its original place.
  • ESET Virtualization Security supports native integration with third-party security solutions, using VMware Service Composer and utilizing VMware Security Tags. Once implemented, automation of security depends only on the decisions of a Security Admin.
  • Automatic reset of On-demand scan when VM starts vMotion during scan.