March 7, 2013 | Press Releases

CeBIT 2013: ESET to Preview ESET Secure Authentication and Showcase New Generation of Products - ESET Smart Security 6 and ESET Cyber Security Pro

Starting Tuesday, March 5th, 2013, ESET will exhibit at CeBIT - world’s largest computer technology trade show and expo in Hanover, Germany (held until March 9th). ESET will preview its ESET® Secure Authentication - a highly secure mobile two-factor one-time-password authentication. It uses end-users’ mobile phones to securely connect to company networks. In addition, ESET will  showcase a line up of its latest products at the ESET stand  - ESET Smart Security 6 with ESET Social Media Scanner, ESET Cyber Security Pro and ESET Endpoint Solutions for business customers. ESET stand , as in the previous years, is located in Hall 12 (stand C66).

ESET Chief Technology Officer Palo Luka will  participate in  the CeBIT “Beyond Digital - Destination Mobile”  panel debate to be held Thursday, March 7th, 2013, from 10:45 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. at CeBIT Global Confenrence’s Convention Center. Joining him will be five high-profile speakers from Deutsche Welle, Vodafone, Lufthansa Systems AG, Scout24 Holding, and Intelligent Apps. Here is a short preview of the theme of the discussion: “Mobile terminal devices are making their way into almost every part of our lives – an irreversible trend that is set to continue well into the future. And thanks to the current 4G LTE rollout, mobile devices, too, will enjoy ultra-high-speed connections, and everyday tablets and smartphones will be able to control just about everything we own, 24/7 and from any location. How will these developments impact society? Is this the beginning of a Brave New World?”  There will be a live stream of the event available for desktops, mobiles, iPhone/iPad and Android devices and viewers will find the links on ESET Facebook page.

The above-mentioned ESET® Secure Authentication makes use of end-users’ mobile phones when connecting to company networks. This simple and lightweight solution provides yet another layer od securty to the authentication process besides the regular username/password. ESET Secure Authentication works with iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7 and 8, Windows Mobile and J2ME-based phones. The solution even supports authentication based on SMS messages, which makes it well-suited  for older mobile phones which do not support the application.  “ESET extends its IT security portfolio for the business client. We are responding to the increasing need to secure assets and know-how of small and medium-sized companies. ESET Secure Authentication (ESA) is out-of-the box solution for SMBs not wanting to invest into costly hardware for 2FA (2-factor authentication) or not interested in deploying a complicated solution,” says Ignacio Sbampato, ESET Chief Sales and Marketing Officer.

ESET Secure Authentication is another addition to ESET portfolio of solutions protecting company data in the age of mobile technologies. While ESET solutions for mobile devices - protect data on smartphones, ESET Secure Authentication provides secure access to company networks from mobile devices. It is a client/server system where the server provisions the one-time-password and the client displays it. The user can then use this unique password to authenticate into a supported system. ESET Secure Authentication, currently available in North America, will be launched in selected European markets in the coming weeks, and in Germany in April.

ESET will feature line of products for business customers as well: ESET Endpoint Security and ESET Endpoint Antivirus.  Utilizing multiple layers of detection of malware, boasting the ThreatSense scanning engine and ESET Live Grid – the in the cloud file reputation service, the new generation ESET Endpoint solutions delivers industry-leading proactive protection against emerging threats. The small-system footprint coupled with advanced remote management of clients make these ideally-suited solutions for any size company.

In addition, ESET will showcase its Version 6 home products for Windows users - home users - ESET Smart Security 6 and ESET NOD32 Antivirus 6.  While the former provides all-in-one internet security,  the latter is a fast and powerful antivirus solution. The new generation of home products provides even greater detection of infiltrations, improved cleaning and faster scanning  thanks to the updated engine. The all new ESET Social Media Scanner app that comes standard with both products helps protect against Facebook threats. The  latest ESET security software for Mac - ESET Cyber Security Pro -  comes with parental control, allowing parent oversight of children’s activities while online. It also  protects the user’s online identity while shopping or banking.   The users can opt to allow or block all incoming and outgoing connections of selected applications, services or port numbers.