July 2, 2013 | Press Releases

Internet Security Pioneer ESET launches News and Feature-based Website

ESET, a global pioneer in proactive protection for 25-years, announces the launch of - a comprehensive source of internet security news, tips and insights. WeLiveSecurity marries ESET's global network of expert security researchers and their technology expertise accompanied by various consumer related articles providing security tips and education, delivering a platform that appeals to novices and expert security professionals alike.

With daily news content and how-to features for a ‘security-curious’ audience, and in-depth features and white papers for more security savvy readers, is a must-read site for anyone concerned with the security of their web-connected devices.

“As the company grows, we are becoming more known for malware discoveries and respected by the internet security community as a trustworthy voice of malware and industry news. By introducing a common news platform with the latest information and analysis on cyber threats as well as useful customer orientated security tips, we will provide our users and advocates with further level of care and education to enable them to enjoy their lives and technology”, says Eddie Johnson, ESET Global Marketing Communication Director.

ESET’s vast pool of security knowledge, thanks to ESET malware researchers and research fellows like Righard Zwienenberg, Pierre-Marc Bureau, David Harley, Alexandr Matrosov or Robert Lipovsky to name a few, puts the Slovak company in a unique position amongst its peers, enabling it to inform and educate readers on the web security issues of the day.

For more than two decades - ESET researchers, today encompassing teams in Europe, Russia, Canada, Latin America and the US, worked on hundreds of projects uncovering events related to hackers and other cyber criminals activities. Analysis were done to sophisticated and targeted attacks such as AutoCAD projects stealthy ACAD/Medre.A, military focused Georgian Georbot, the first widely spread Mac trojan dubbed Flashback or the Linux/Cdorked.A apache webserver backdoor, analyzing their methodology and tracking their origins as well as the malware spread, helping users, companies and government institutions around the world to stay and feel protected.

“ - the new portal will be an effective tool for delivering the latest findings from ESET's global network of security researchers, such as the targeted attacks by data stealing malware in Pakistan recently analyzed by ESET Malware Researcher Jean-Ian Boutin. Exposing the infection strategies used by this malicious code, such as signed binaries and fake email attachments, helps companies and consumers improve their defensive posture”, says Stephen Cobb, ESET Security Evangelist. news platform is being launched in English language and will add a Spanish language version before the end of 2013. In the future, ESET would like to make the most out of its knowledge sharing portal and make the site available in other languages, depending on the regional requirements from our wide partner network.