January 22, 2009 | Bratislava

Vicious worm continues to spread threatening to grow into an epidemic

Win32/Conficker by ESET has ranked among the most wide-spread global threats already toward the end of last year. Compared to its original version, the variant is spreding even more agressively thanks to its ability to block signature updates of antivirus software. To increase its destructive power even further, its creators have added a function allowing it to spread by a way of USB key.

January 20, 2009 | Bratislava

Worm exploiting vulnerability in the Windows operating system among top threats

Win32/Conficker is a new addition to the regular malware charts - placing third with (3,90%)  constituting a network worm which can be controlled remotely by an attacker, spreading and exploiting a known vulnerability in the Windows RPC subsystem. Conficker tries to download additional malware likely to be connected with adware.

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