ESET Secure Authentication 2

Version :, Size : 13.9 MB

File name : esa2_enu.exe

Activation requires valid credentials. Make sure to claim your username and password here


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Version (as compared to

  • Fixed: 2FA protection of RDP can be bypassed without entering the second factor. Affects ESA RDP component V2.5.22.0

Version (as compared to

  • Added: Push Authentication for Android
  • Added: Ability to install new version without uninstalling current version (valid for versions above 2.5)
  • Added: Ability to add and remove components to existing installation (valid for versions above 2.5)
  • Added: Ability to repair installation (valid for versions above 2.5)
  • Added: Group settings for multiple computers (Windows logins, RDP, ADFS, IIS)
  • Added: Windows 10 support (including TH2)
  • Added: Support for Android 7 (Nougat)
  • Added: Compatibility support for components (v2.4 components can connect to new Authentication server v2.5)
  • Added: Separate MSI is created during the installation in a dedicated folder
  • Added: Settings button in Android app UI
  • Added: New languages in Android app: Dutch, Italian, Czech, Turkish, Polish, Arabic, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional
  • Added: EULA was added to Android app
  • Improved: Various stability, security and internal improvements
  • Improved: Various UI improvements
  • Changed: Minimum supported version for Android is now 2.3 (currently provisioned apps installed on devices running Android 2.2 will remain functional but will not be eligible for latest update)update KB2893
  • Changed: Updated EULA
  • Fixed: Minor bug fixes

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