ESET Easter offer Contest

Participation Terms & Conditions

1. Organizer
1.1. ADAOX LTD is organizing the Contest entitled “ESET Easter offer” and is responsible for conducting it.

2. Participation rights
2.1. Eligible to participate in the Contest are those who:
a) are permanent residents of the Republic of Cyprus or the Republic of Greece
b) have purchased one or multiple 2 or 3 year ESET® Internet Security licenses through the official ESET Greece/Cyprus e-shop ( anytime during the duration of the contest.
c) have reached the age of 18 on the date of their participation in the Competition or have the consent of their legal guardian
2.2. The following are excluded from participating in the Contest:
a) ADAOX staff
b) First-degree relatives of ADAOX staff (as defined in 2.2 (a) above) and their spouses.

3. Contest period
3.1. The Contest begins on 16/04/2021 and ends on 13/05/2021.

4. Contest prize
4.1. One (1) Sony Playstation 5. The prize will be drawn among all participants who meet the conditions of paragraph 2.

5. Draw process
5.1. The draw for the prize will be held after the end of the contest at ADAOX Headquarters.
5.2. The winner will be notified within one week after the draw by phone or via e-mail. The winner will have to respond within three days, otherwise they will lose the right to receive the prize and the next runner up will be notified.
5.3. The name of the winner will be posted on ESET Greece/Cyprus social media accounts.

6. Gift Pick-up Process
6.1. The deadline for receiving the prize will be two (2) weeks after the winner is notified.
6.2. The prize must be received by the winner in person, by presenting their identity or passport.

7. General rules
7.1. The prize is specific and cannot be redeemed with money or be exchanged with another prize and is not transferable.
7.2. One participation per customer will be considered in the draw, regardless of the number of entries in the Contest.
7.3. ADAOX reserves the right to revoke the promotion or to modify its terms and conditions at any time and without notice.
7.4. It is explicitly stated that after the promotional event expires on 13/05/2021 or in the case of shortening the duration of the Contest, entries will no longer be possible. Any entries made after that time period will be automatically deemed non-existent and will not bind ADAOX. By participating in the Contest, participants are presumed to have accepted these Terms of Participation and will not have any requirement to deliver the prize after the end of the Contest or otherwise.
7.5. It is explicitly stated that entries made after the expiration of the Contest will be void.
7.6. ADAOX is not responsible for any damage or damage to anyone arising from the use of the prize or any other cause.
7.7. ADAOX is not responsible for the format, features, future changes, upgrades, etc. third-party products offered through the Contest as prize.
7.8. ADAOX reserves the right to display the Contest and the winners in the media and to advertise every relevant event.
7.9. Participation in the Contest requires and implies the unconditional acceptance of the Participation Terms.