ESET SysInspector

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Use the ESET SysInspector utility to inspect your PC.
Fix problems straight away, or submit a log
to ESET Customer Care for resolution.



Version 1.2.042

  • Changed: New SysInspector & Anti-Stealth module
  • Fixed: Other minor bugfixes & improvements

Version 1.2.034

  • Added: Support for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012
  • Added: ESET LiveGrid support (ESET Cloud)
  • Changed: New registry locations being scanned and reported
  • Changed: New graphical theme and visual improvements
  • Changed: History handling/display improvement
  • Fixed: Stability improvements
  • Fixed: Better evaluation logic (self-signed certificates)
  • Fixed: New AntiStealth module and driver interoperability
  • Fixed: Proper log file access protection during view

Version 1.2.021

  • Removed tagline ”we protect your digital worlds” in ENU build
  • Minor text fixes in EULA
  • Bugfixes improving stability and detection of running services


  • Service Script
  • Minor fixes


  • Fixed vulnerability of the ESI driver allowing under administrator
    privileges to run and misuse kernel processes while running ESI.

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