Securing critical infrastructure for
Governments and related institutions

Ensuring protection of critical infrastructure, sensitive data and meeting compliance regulations.

Main concerns faced by Governments

Governments and institutions store more personal data than the private sectors. This includes data that of citizens, public servants, the military, and more.

As they try to protect these sensitive data against intruders, citizens and public servants expect their data to be accessible at all times.

At the same time, their networks and endpoints are constantly at risk of coming under attack, and they need to adhere to strict regulatory compliance requirements.

Secure critical infrastructure, sensitive data and meet regulatory compliance with these solutions.

ESET Threat Analysis Solution

Complete your endpoint protection with added threat analysis, and response solution with machine-learning capabilities.

ESET Endpoint Security, Dynamic Threat Defense and Enterprise Inspector, provides you the capabilities to prevent, detect and response to advanced threats within your endpoints.

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Safetica Data Loss Prevention

Prevent sensitive data from getting into the wrong hands either inside or outside of the network, by enforcing data protection policies through Safetica Data Loss Prevention, and meet strict regulatory compliance.

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GreyCortex Network Traffic Analysis

It integrates with existing security tools and allows for powerful detection and rapid response to advance threats within your network.

It is also able to identify different types of policy violations that do not comply with policies set up  for regulatory compliance.

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Customer Stories - Public Sector

Chelles Town Hall

”I am fully satisfied and can certainly recommend ESET NOD32 to all of the IS
departments in town halls in France.”

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Johnson County

"The fact that it just works and is low on maintenance needs, combined with the ease of install and reasonable pricing, really helps an understaffed IT department.”

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City Hall of Palmela

“ESET has always had a very solid reputation, so we kind of expected
easy install and configuration, and it turned out true.”

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Get the level of protection that's right for your business

ESET Targeted Attack Protection

A complete, seamless prevention, detection and response solution, incorporating total visibility, for remediation of any security issue in the network.

  • Security Management Center
  • Endpoint Protection Platform
  • Cloud Sandbox Analysis
  • Endpoint Detection & Response

Safetica Data Loss Prevention

Safetica safeguards key data inside your company. BYOD security keeps employee-owned devices under control.

No data in an organization’s protected zone can sneak out on these devices.

  • Security Audit
  • Data Protection
  • Device Control
  • Mobile Device Security (Add-on)

GreyCortex Network TrafficAnalysis

Network traffic analysis tool exploiting artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data to ensure secure IT operations for enterprise, government and critical infrastructure users.

  • Round-the-clock security monitoring
  • Powerful rapid detection and response capabilities
  • Deep visibility into the internal network
  • Easy-to-use functionality

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ESET: Sharing with you Governments’ IT security matters

Machete just got sharper: Venezuelan government institutions under attack

This white paper presents ESET research into a new version of Machete, a cyberespionage toolset

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Malaysian government targeted with mash‑up espionage toolkit

An interview with ESET researchers on their research of a malware toolkit used in espionage against the Malaysian government

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US government report highlights gaps in battle against botnets

The report also identifies goals that are intended to help mitigate risks associated with botnets and to increase the resilience of the internet ecosystem

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US and UK government websites hijacked to mine cryptocurrency on visitors’ machines

If Undetected by a user’s security solution or content- or ad-blocker, the script runs in the background unbeknown to the user, until the webpage is closed

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