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You have chosen the “Open EMA” option in your ESET Security Management Center (ESMC). Please proceed by selecting the version of ESET MSP Administrator (EMA) you are currently using.

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ESET MSP Administrator 1

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ESET MSP Administrator 2

What is ESET MSP Administrator 2

ESET MSP Administrator 2 (EMA2) is a completely new portal for our new and existing MSPs. It includes several improvements compared to its predecessor, including the availability of brand new products in our MSP program (Full Disk Encryption, Multi-Factor Authentication and more to come), combined with multiple user interface and usability improvements.


New version


ESET MSP Administrator

Version 1

ESET MSP Administrator

Version 2

Free registration

Daily billing, monthly invoicing

License ordering

Add/remove EMA user

Extended product offering (2FA, FDE)

Automatic structure sync with ESMC

Extended browser support

Customize access rights

View & manage activated units per license

Current per-customer seat usage

All EMA updates

How can I upgrade to EMA2?

Currently, ESET is upgrading all MSPs around the globe to EMA2. If you want to learn more about the upgrade schedule and process, contact your ESET representative.

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More about ESET MSP Program

If your organization provides MSP services, by partnering with us you can benefit from our daily billing / monthly invoicing model and offer ESET security solutions via the convenient MSP model.

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You can join the program right now by simply filling out our sign up form. Shortly after, you’ll be contacted by ESET MSP representative in your area, who will guide you through the onboarding process and help you get started.