Update now to ESET MSP Administrator v2

ESET is excited to inform all MSP partners currently offering multiple ESET products such as ESET Endpoint Security, that we are improving our services and moving to our updated administration console ESET MSP Administrator 2 (EMA2).

ESET MSP Administrator version 2

EMA2 brings MSP partners additional products to offer their customers - ESET Full Disk Encryption and ESET Secure Authentication - as well as the latest smart features. Update now for free and benefit from new and improved:

License usage reports

View and export license usage exports per customer. Includes information on products, license category and type (trial, full) and number of seat days.

Improved user management

Define specific settings and permissions per each customer, such as available products and access rights to individual customers.

See the differences


New version


ESET MSP Administrator

Version 1

ESET MSP Administrator

Version 2

Free registration

Daily billing, monthly invoicing

License ordering

Add/remove EMA user

Extended product offering (2FA, FDE)

Automatic structure sync with ESMC

Extended browser support

Customize access rights

View & manage activated units per license

Current per-customer seat usage

All EMA updates

See the differences

ESET MSP Administrator v1

  • Free registration
  • Daily billing, monthly invoicing
  • License ordering
  • Add/remove EMA user

ESET MSP Administrator v2

  • Free registration
  • Daily billing, monthly invoicing
  • License ordering
  • Add/remove EMA user
  • Extended browser support
  • Protect login with 2FA
  • Customize access rights
  • View activated units per license
  • Overall & per-customer billing reports
  • Current per-customer seat usage
  • All EMA updates

Confirm your update to ESET MSP Administrator 2

Pay nothing and enjoy EMA2 latest smart features 

*Primary email contact will be used in EMA2 account and all correspondents will be directed there

So, what happens next?

ESET will provide a full update to EMA2. We just need your consent! Fill in the form and receive an immediate email confirming your free update. Then you will get a further email notification, 48 and 24 hours before your update commences.

The entire update process is handled by the ESET team, and no action on your part is needed. Please be aware that for the duration of the entire update process your account will have read-only access. Also, please do not use your EMA1 during the upgrade process and update your bookmark to EMA2 after the update.

Questions? Check out the FAQ page.

Enhance your MSP offering
with Full Disk Encryption (FDE)

ESET Full Disk Encryption product, badge, Endpoint protection
  • Help your customers comply with regulations like GDPR, HIPAA, HIPAA, or SOX
  • Deploy FDE with one-click along with endpoint security in one task
  • Manage FDE from ESET Security Management Center
  • Available via convenient MSP monthly billing

Explore ESET Full Disk Encryption

ESET Security Management Center with EMA2

Benefit from ESET Security Management Center ﴾ESMC﴿, an easy‐to-use management console, working in tandem with EMA2. Your customer structure is automatically synchronized with each change. All new customers you add to EMA2 immediately appear in ESMC, and the onboarding wizard will help you complete the security deployment in minutes.

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