ESET Mail Security for IBM Domino 6



Version 6.5.14018.X

  • Added: Attachments are stored in the Domino quarantine database
  • Improved: Diagnostic logging for the transport and database layers is now available in Advanced setup
  • Fixed: Mail server protection log shows duplicate entries
  • Fixed: Incorrect behavior of server rules when attachments have similar name

Version 6.5.14014.0

  • Fixed: eShell commands ‘set populate’ and ‘dismissed-statuses’ do not allow overwrite of default value ID
  • Fixed: Whitelisted IPs do not bypass SPF evaluation and mail delivery fails
  • Fixed: UI crashes when domains in the greylisting log are whitelisted
  • Fixed: Messages are not delivered to IMAP users after running 'Move note to trash' Rule action
  • Fixed: Domino deny-group does not reject emails

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