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How can ESET Anti-Theft Help You?

Should you part with your laptop, the ESET Anti-Theft feature is here to track it and locate it.
When you mark your device as missing in the ESET Anti-Theft web interface, automatic monitoring
is activated – allowing you to follow the device's position on the map.

When you mark your laptop as missing,
ESET Anti-Theft will pursue the following steps:


Logs in with
Phantom Account


Monitors Activity
on System


Tracks Laptop


Activates One-way

ESET Anti-Theft remotely restarts your laptop and locks all user accounts.
The system automatically logs into the special Phantom Account that contains no sensitive data.

ESET Anti-Theft takes pictures using the webcam and collects snapshots of the screen.
You can browse the data online to get an overview of what's going on on your device and who's using it.

You will be able to find out the position of your laptop, displayed on the map
for your convenience. Track the recent movements of the device in location history.

Our One-way Messaging feature allows you to ping the finder of your device and display
a message on your laptop's screen. Choose a picture - e.g. from the Anti-Theft's webcam pictures
library - and set it as a background to make your message even more convincing.

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Start Getting Protected Now

ESET Anti-Theft comes standard with our all-in-one
security suite ESET Smart Security 6. Other features
include antivirus, parental control, device control
to prevent infection via USBs and DVDs, and antispam.

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