ESET Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange Server 6

ESET Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange Server 6

Version : 6.5.10055.1, Size : 134.3 MB

File name : emsx_nt64_plk.msi



Version 6.5.10055.X

  • Added: Ability to export Mail server protection log to Windows applications and Services Logs
  • Added: New rule with “From header” condition to help detect sender spoofing by allowing a user to compare message “From” headers with envelope senders
  • Added: New rules for blocking “Office files with macros” (.doc, .xls, .xml, etc.) and "Dangerous script file attachments" (*.js, *.jse, *.vb, *.vba, *.vbe, *.vbs, *.bat, *.cmd, *.ws, *.wsf, *.wsc, *.wsh, *.ps1, *.ps2, *.psc1, *.psc2)
  • Added: Check box for turning on/off log export to Windows applications and Services logs
  • Added: Information about file names and hashes of infected attachments to event log
  • Added: Logging from SPF rule if diagnostic logging is on
  • Improved: Readability of diagnostic Antispam logs
  • Improved: Interpretation of “eml” extension in rules
  • Improved: Help documentation for Quarantine Web interface on Windows 2003 and SSL
  • Fixed: Potential application freeze when periodic module update conflicts with rules configuration sync via ESET cluster or ERA
  • Fixed: "Automatically bypass Greylisting if SPF check passed" setting evaluates SPF also with disabled Greylisting option
  • Fixed: Health Mailbox messages are Greylisted
  • Fixed: Some of the inputs required for SPF are null
  • Fixed: Joint SPF/Greylisting whitelists were disabled when SPF was turned on and Greylisting was turned off
  • Fixed: Incorrect rule level for SPF, DMARC and DKIM
  • Fixed: Overall limit if querying Max domains for A records
  • Fixed: Various minor localization bugs

Version 6.5.10019.X

  • Added: On demand should support scanning in multi-domain environments
  • Added: Quarantine - reindex and integrity check
  • Improved: Licensing: switch between two licensing modes based on specific flags in the license
  • Improved: Improve mail identification for temporary AS quarantine
  • Fixed: Delivery problem for mobile e-mail clients Exchange 2003
  • Fixed: SPF evaluation problem
  • Fixed: Mailbox count does not show any mailboxes on Parent domain
  • Fixed: Wrong string on Setup - Server - disable protection
  • Fixed: 'Server scan' task from ERA performs Database scan even if database targets are not selected
  • Fixed: EMSX tasks in scheduler do not support unicode characters
  • Fixed: Domain to IP lists do not read SPF records
  • Fixed: eShell - new scheduler task has wrong time
  • Fixed: Mail server protection log does not show IP in IPv6 environment
  • Fixed: HTTP 500 Internal Server Error is shown after changing page in quarantine web interface
  • Fixed: Quarantine web does not display any emails
  • Fixed: Custom TEMP path does not work in transport scanning
  • Fixed: ERA Override mode is not working for AD Group SID identifiers

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