January 24, 2013 | Press Releases

ESET Releases ESET Smart Security 6 with Anti-Theft and Offers Security Tips

ESET, the leader in proactive digital protection - developing award-winning technology for more than 25 years has just released the latest versions of its flagship products’: ESET Smart Security® 6
and ESET NOD32® Antivirus 6. ESET Smart Security 6 provides all-in-one Internet security, while ESET NOD32 Antivirus 6 is a fast and powerful antivirus solution. Alongside many important functions, ESET Smart Security features Anti-Theft protection.

The Anti-Theft feature helps locate missing notebooks and makes it possible to monitor activity on lost or stolen devices, while the introduction of a dedicated Anti-Phishing module offers complex protection against digital identity theft. This feature automatically monitors a missing device and displays its position on a map based on visible Wi-Fi networks in range when it comes online.

However, even with this feature installed on your computer, it has to be accompanied with responsible behavior while online. That is why ESET Security Evangelist, Stephen Cobb, has put together five useful tips on how to be even safer in an unfortunate event of a theft. The most important recommendation of all may be:
Think about what you store on your notebook and consider removing sensitive data”.

1. Always password-protect your computing devices.
Why? If anyone steals your device they will have to defeat your password to get at any of your data or accounts on the device. Note: It is not impossible to defeat password protection on a device, but it adds a layer of protection and may buy you time to locate and recover the device.

2. Always backup your files.
Why? Even if you can’t recover a stolen device that does not mean you have to lose all your information and software. Regular backups are the ultimate defense against theft of your files. Note: there are plenty of options for backup these days including online backup.

3. Use tracking software to help get your stolen device back.
Why? Getting your stolen device back is not impossible, particularly if the device itself can tell you where it is and you can communicate with the device, and even the person who has it. This is where the Anti-Theft feature comes into play.

4. Don’t tempt thieves by leaving computers unattended, particularly in public places.
Why? Leaving your computer unattended in a car or at the airport or restaurant is like asking for it to be stolen. Note: In a recent ESET commisioned survey we found that 1 in 5 stolen devices in the U.S. were taken from a car, 12% from an airport, train, or bus, and 11% from a restaurant or coffee shop.

5. Encrypt sensitive data.
Why? Storing sensitive data in encrypted files prevents anyone exploiting your data if your computer is stolen. Note: File encryption is available free on recent version of both the Microsoft Windows and apple Mac OS X operating systems.