Who We Are

Mindful of our humble beginnings, the company culture continues to embody the same principles on which it was founded: honesty and fairness in the treatment of our employees and clients alike.

The belief in individual intellect, passion for computer science and devotion to honesty combined to set the company on a steady growth path which continues to this day. We are fully aware that our relevance as a premier security provider is predicated on the performance of our solutions. We see a direct parallel between the quality of our solutions and the quality of our people. This is why we consider our employees the ESET’s most valuable asset.

We realize that fostering a climate of constructive dialogue while encouraging innovative thinking, allows us to continue leading this fast-paced and rapidly changing industry.


What We Do

As security software provider, quality is always our top concern. We take pride in securing a wide range of clients – from the home user, through small and medium-sized businesses, to big corporations numbering thousands of endpoints.

“Our effort to bring to the global market a top-notch security solution was first realized with ESET NOD32 Antivirus. The product’s main advantages that put it at the technological edge and have secured it dozens of international awards are its advanced heuristics, detection and proactive protection from even yet unknown threats. These traits are coupled with minimal impact on system resources and fast scanning speed”

Miroslav Trnka, CEO ESET

Building on the proven code of ESET NOD32 Antivirus, in 2007 we engineered a complex security solution and dubbed it ESET Smart Security, adding a personal firewall and antispam to the time-tested protection of antivirus and antispyware. Since then our development teams have been busy at work expanding the product line to extend advanced protection to corporate servers, mobile devices, and entire networks. In 2010, we rolled out business and consumer versions of ESET NOD32 Antivirus for Mac.

All of our security solutions resemble artificial intelligence engineered to distinguish good from evil. They are deployed as the first line of defense to protect our clients’ digital data. This “core” of anti-malware technology is continually being reinforced by the work of our specialized teams tasked with real-time analysis and evaluation of infiltrations, their behavior and trends in future malware.