ESET Endpoint Security Solutions Beta

Better, smarter detection meets
enhanced management and usability

Known Issues

ESET Remote Administrator

  • Remote Installation – When performing search for computers on the network using Custom computer list with their IP addresses, the name resolution delivers incorrect results, causing remote installation to fail on those computers
  • Remote Installation – When performing search for computers on the network, detection of machines running non-Windows operating systems is not supported
  • Installation – Upgrade from ERA 4 on Windows Server 2008 Core is not supported
  • Rollback – Console does not present data in the columns "Rollback" and "Rollback Active Until"
  • Reports – List of report templates is not visible in Windows 2000 operating system
  • Configuration Editor – Invalid settings section for "Removable media rules"

ESET Endpoint Security

  • Installation – Custom, component-based installation without firewall and protocol filtering will fail on 64-bit operating systems
  • Installation – Custom installation to the root folder C:\ and subsequent restart of the operating system will result in a Windows Product Activation error and cause problems with logging into the system
  • Conflicts – Dropbox does not work (connection error is displayed) when SSL scanning is enabled [Exclusion of Dropbox certificate within the "Ask about non-visited sites" mode, as well as exclusion of dropbox.exe from protocol filtering are possible workarounds]
  • Setup – Possibility to enable/disable Anti-Stealth is not available in the main dialog window

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