ESET Cyber Security 6

Version :, Size : 99.1 MB

File name : eset_cybersecurity_en_.dmg


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  • Added: If ESET service stops responding, a notification is displayed before it is automatically restarted
  • Added: Ability to hide product icon in Menu Bar Extras (tray icon)
  • Added: OpenSSL replaced by Apple native security framework
  • Added: Firewall has ability to automatically allow software signed by Apple to access network
  • Added: Product verifies ESET SSL certificate on all supported OS X/macOS
  • Added: Upgraded POCO parsing library to the latest build
  • Added: Setup information from Installer is stored as data and interpreted by ESET Service
  • Fixed: esets_proxy listening on port 57856
  • Fixed: Zero files scanned after completed scan in hard drive
  • Fixed: esets_proxy crash under various special circumstances
  • Fixed: FaceTime is blocked by firewall in default configuration
  • Fixed: Shutdown after scan delay lasts 2 seconds instead of 60 seconds


  • Fixed: Installation file will not open if package (.dmg) is downloaded from
  • Fixed: ESET Cyber Security/Cyber Security Pro Read Me file does not display in Safari browser
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