Introducing ESET Internet Security!

ESET Smart Security has been replaced with our new, improved solution - ESET Internet Security!

ESET® Internet Security

Comprehensive protection for everyday web users, thanks to ESET’s trademark best balance of detection, speed and usability.

safe users worldwide

prestigious VB100 awards

years of NOD32 technology

global R&D centers

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    ESET Smart Security
ESET Internet Security
ESET Smart Security Premium

Smart Security

Premium internet security for Windows


All-round internet security for Windows

Smart Security

Premium internet security for Windows

Award-winning antivirus
Makes my online journey easier
Life without ransomware
My data, safe from hijacking
Bank and shop online carefree
Your money transactions, in safe hands
Protection against deeper threats
Safer even before Windows starts
Smart home devices protected
My home router regularly checked
All my passwords in one place
Safely stored and generated
My private content safe
By encryption of folders and USB drives
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Frequently asked questions

What is ESET Internet Security?

ESET Internet Security represents a comprehensive protection for your everyday online activities, thanks to ESET's perfect balance of speed, detection and usability. It’s trusted by over 110 million users worldwide to detect and neutralize all types of digital threats, including viruses, rootkits, worms and spyware.

How does ESET Internet Security differ from ESET Smart Security?

ESET Internet Security is built on ESET Smart Security foundation and represents logical evolutionary step. In addition to ESET Smart Security functionalities, it contains enhanced security features such as UEFI Scanner and Connected Home Monitor. As an ESET Smart Security user you will get more features and up-to-date protection for the same price. If interested, see full set of ESET Internet Security features here.

How do I upgrade my current ESET Smart Security license to the ESET Internet Security license?

There’s no need to upgrade your license, you’re already eligible for ESET Internet Security. Simply download the ESET Internet Security installer at, follow the instructions and enjoy safer internet. The upgrade to ESET Internet Security will be also available as an in-product upgrade for all ESET Smart Security users starting version 9.

How much does it cost to upgrade to ESET Internet Security?

Upgrade to ESET Internet Security is free, with no additional costs for all ESET Smart Security users.

Can I keep my ESET Smart Security solution?

Our primary goal at ESET is to fully protect our users. Hence we strongly suggest upgrading to ESET Internet Security to receive the latest protection features and updates. The ESET Smart Security will not be upgraded to the latest version, no new features will be added or existing ones updated, but will remain receiving virus database updates based on our end-of-life policy.

Can I upgrade my ESET Smart Security to a different ESET product, not only ESET Internet Security?

You can always upgrade to ESET Smart Security Premium. For more information visit local ESET e-shop for licensing and pricing options.