Technological and OEM Partnership

For its technology partners, ESET provides three types of programs to enhance their line of products/services with our award-winning products and technology.  Service providers, OEM integrators, system builders and technological integration providers can fully tap into the advantages of ESET’s Technology Partnership programs and deliver comprehensive security services for their clientele.

Service Providers (ISPs, MSPs, ASPs, and others)

The service provider program is intended for businesses interested in innovating their product line by providing computer and network security as a service. With our extensive know-how, resources and expertise in the protection of data and computer networks, ESET welcomes collaboration with Internet Service Providers, Managed Service Providers, Application Service Providers and other service-oriented IT companies. 

OEM Partners & System Builders

If you are interested in integrating security solutions that won’t slow down your systems, ESET OEM and System Builders program give you the opportunity to bundle ESET Security solutions with your products and distribute them directly to clients. The program comes with dedicated integration assistance, technical support, versatile marketing tools, and detailed technical documentation.

Technological Integration Partners

ESET provides its technology partners with a wide array of tools to develop complex endpoint and network security solutions. Partners are given access to the ESET Security Software Development Kit - a flexible and efficient platform for integrating ESET’s award-winning scanning engine with third party solutions. Moreover, the support for the technology integration partners includes 24/7 technical support, training, documentation and implementation assistance. 

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