Making the internet a safer place for our children

Making the internet a safer place for our children

Teaching you and your loved ones how to stay safe online with expert advice for parents and fun tips for kids.


Safer Kids On-line

Who We Are

We’re an Internet security company that protects the digital lives of more than 100 million home and business users worldwide. But we’re also parents with children, and like you we know that keeping on top of the ever-changing online world is no easy thing – especially when our kids often seem to be three steps ahead. We want to sleep easy too, knowing that our children are protected online – and that we can talk to them about their lives online in a child-friendly, respectful way


Underrated yet important: Strong passwords are the key to online security

What is the simplest password you can come up with? “1234”, “password” or “qwerty”? Children today often use similar codes, putting comfo...

Infographic - 7 anti-madness parental tips
Online teaching tips for teachers - ESET tips for teachers

Ever dreamt of teaching from your sofa?

Follow advice from experienced IT teachers and your dream won't turn into a nightmare.

Infographic - 9 online teaching tips and advices

Protect the privacy of your children and cover their webcams

Laptops, smartphones and tablets – most of today’s smart devices come with a built-in camera. Thanks to technological advances, it doesn’t...

What can you do to protect your family?

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Free 90-day trial of full PC protection

Stop worrying about family online activities, with our multilayered security solution.

  • Legendary award-winning antivirus
  • Special browser for online banking and payments
  • Monitoring of your home router and your smart devices
  • Webcam protection


Free trial of Parental Control for Android

Free 30-day trial of Premium version that provides comprehensive online child protection.

  • Manage access to apps and time spent on them
  • Set budgets for apps and games
  • Control inappropriate web content (Premium)
  • Locate your child (Premium)

Are you a teacher?

Spread the word to your colleagues and parents and help protect children online.

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Screen time – finding the off switch

 Together with the child psycologist PhD. Jarmila Tomokova, we looked at several risk factors of extensive digital use by children that naturally occur when a whole family is quarantined, followed by five practical tips on what you as a parent can do about it. 

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Home office is where the heart is…

Usually I am quite happy to have home office, in my division at ESET (a leading IT security company) we are permitted two per month. It’s not a lot but maybe that is why I look forward to it.

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Is your child becoming a digital addict? This is what you can do

Can you imagine a week without the internet or your mobile phone? Children might have an even harder time with such a challenge, as their lives are often equally active in the online and offline world. But where do you draw the line between a “healthy” use of the internet and an addiction? Experts argue that what really matters is not how much time a child devotes to their device, but what that time is used for.

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"ESET will continue to provide you with the best possible online security during the COVID-19 pandemic." 

Richard Marko, Chief Executive Officer, ESET

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