ESET Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange Server 6

Versie : 6.4.10011.1, Grootte : 99.8 MB

Bestandsnaam : emsx_nt32_nld.msi

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Version 6.4.10011.0

  • Added: Support for Microsoft Windows Server 2016.
  • Fixed: Blue screen error (BSOD) caused by Device Control module after removable media is inserted.
  • Fixed: Self-Defense does not protect a specific registry key, disclosing partial product functionality.
  • Fixed: Anti-spam filtering ability of messages with empty sender field.

Version 6.4.10009.0

  • Fixed: Kernel does not terminate UDP connections opened for any anti-spoofing mail processing rule using DMARC authentication protocol
  • Fixed: Anti-spoof validation (SPF) queries to domains using compression for data fields are being evaluated incorrectly
  • Fixed: On Microsoft Exchange Server 2003, Sender Policy Framework (SPF) check routine controls are visible in advanced configuration screen, despite not being available during transport phase for this Operating System
  • Minor bug-fixes

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