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It does what it promised to do, at reasonable cost. I like it. We have renewed it 5 times already, which speaks for itself.

Pinewood Healthcare logo

Adrian Dooley, Head of IT
Pinewood Healthcare Ltd., Healthcare Providers

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The biggest thing that stands out is its strong technical advantage over other products in the marketplace. ESET offers us reliable security, meaning that I can work on any project at any time knowing our computers are protected 100%.

Mercury logo

Fiona Garland, Business Analyst
Mercury Engineering, Construction, Materials and Natural Resources

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I would definitely recommend ESET to other companies based on performance but also the support too, which is great. I think the manageability is the best you can get.

Unigarant logo

Mark Kaiser, IT Specialist
Unigarant, Finance & Insurance

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IT, project management? First class. Deployment? Brilliant. Users? They never even noticed a change in the environment. Technical resources? Fabulous. UK based call centre always available when you need them. For us, that’s key. If you’re considering a new solution or a change in your IT environment, I would certainly recommend looking at ESET.

CCS Media logo

Tony Cooke, IT Director
CCS Media Limited, IT

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New Orleans Archdiocese - logo
“For the first time in my life it feels like my antivirus software is working with me instead of against me.“ Ler o artigo completo
Sagiss logo
“Implementing ESET is simple and easy.“ Ler o artigo completo
Goody´s and Everest - logo
“The low system impact of ESET Endpoint Antivirus helps our end users on their daily work.“ Ler o artigo completo
Sprague Energy - logo
“Products you want to work with, because they do their job so well.“ Ler o artigo completo
Gillman Automotive Group - logo
“Handling and reporting of threats makes it easy to track down any pressing problems.“ Ler o artigo completo
AVL logo
“The only product that worked out of the box.“ Ler o artigo completo
Amber Pharmacy - logo
“Uncovered some undetected viruses on machines our previous product said were clean.“ Ler o artigo completo
Hospital Alemán Argentina - logo
“Our expectations were met and even surpassed.“ Ler o artigo completo
Primoris Services Corporation - logo
“ESET was one of, if not THE, best all-around AV product out there.“ Ler o artigo completo
Chelles Town Hall - logo
“Brilliant results in various tests.“ Ler o artigo completo
“Low maintenance needs and “just works” solution provides relief to understaffed department.“ Ler o artigo completo
Lester B. Pearson School Board - logo
“It delivers on what it’s supposed to do while understanding the unique constraints.“ Ler o artigo completo
Kenyatta University - logo
“Very good, with minimal footprint on the endpoint devices.“ Ler o artigo completo
Sheffield Wednesday FC - logo
“Light processing power, reliable protection and cost scalable, yet easy to deploy and manage centrally.“ Ler o artigo completo
Kürt logo
“It works unnoticeably in the background and does not slow the performance of the systems.“ Ler o artigo completo
Riata Corporate Group - logo
“We are very satisfied with the ESET product, the management console, and its customization.“ Ler o artigo completo
Honda logo
“Quick response to the latest viruses; excellent aftersales support; light impact on the network.“ Ler o artigo completo
Mitsubishi Motors logo
“ESET is very much different. It does its job in the background without us even noticing.“ Ler o artigo completo
“The complete roll-out on over 6,500 computers passed on without notable incidents.“ Ler o artigo completo
CCS Media logo
“Easy to use, intuitive and modern, which is important for today’s industry.“ Ler o artigo completo
“Since the installation of ESET, we’ve seen virtually no performance issues.“ Ler o artigo completo
Wizz Air Hungary logo
“With ESET, we have an easily manageable and effective protection against viruses.“ Ler o artigo completo
Pinewood Healthcare logo
“It does what it promised to do, at reasonable cost.“ Ler o artigo completo
Mercury logo
“ESET offers us reliable security.“ Ler o artigo completo
Miller Solutions logo
“ESET delivers everything you need in an anti-malware package.“ Ler o artigo completo
ACC logo
“With free ESET Smart Security we guarantee a smooth and enjoyable use.“ Ler o artigo completo
Bezeq International logo
“Security of a top-performing Internet Security.“ Ler o artigo completo
Euroset logo
“Powerful antivirus and antispyware protection.“ Ler o artigo completo
BKF logo
“Our IT work is made easier by us using reliable and simple software.“ Ler o artigo completo
CHL logo
“ESET has brought reliability and stability.“ Ler o artigo completo
Pro7 logo
“Outstanding in dealing with problems – with fast response times.“ Ler o artigo completo
Theater Josefstadt logo
“That’s really impressive.“ Ler o artigo completo
Unigarant logo
“I think the manageability is the best you can get.“ Ler o artigo completo
Ampl logo
“Definitely, every organization, big or small, should go for this product.“ Ler o artigo completo
Butlers logo
“ESET is fast, reliable and working very well even on our old machines.“ Ler o artigo completo
City Hall of Palmela - logo
“ESET has always had a very solid reputation.“ Ler o artigo completo
The University of Vigo logo
“Unified remote management of all clients.“ Ler o artigo completo
Vancis logo
“The MSP monthly usage-based licensing model gives Vancis and our customers the possibility to expand.“ Ler o artigo completo
Detron ICT Groep logo
“ESET gives us the possibility of MSP licensing, giving us more flexibility.“ Ler o artigo completo
IP System
“Low system footprint, high efficiency, and centralized remote administration.“ Ler o artigo completo
Nolan Transport logo
“We have no qualms about recommending it to anyone“ Ler o artigo completo

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Telekom logo

"The best testimonial is the app’s excellent rating on Google Play."

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ACC logo

"With free ESET Smart Security we guarantee a smooth and enjoyable use."

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Euroset logo

"Powerful antivirus and antispyware protection."

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Bezeq International logo

"Security of a top-performing Internet Security."

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