ESET Endpoint Security 6

ESET Endpoint Security 6

Instalador com o AV Remover: Recomendamos esta opção se não tem uma solução da ESET instalada no seu sistema.
Instalação sem o AV Remover: Seleccione esta opção se vai usar o ESET Remote Administrator para fazer o deploy nos postos de trabalho.

O produto que vai descarregar necessita do ESET Remote Administrator 6 para ser gerido remotamente.
Para usar o ESET Remote Administrator 5, veja a secção “Outras versões” listada abaixo.
Clique aqui para confirmar que versão do ESET Remote Administrator irá necessitar para gerir o produto.
Para activar este produto vai necessitar de uma License key. Para obter uma, utilizando o seu Username e Password, visite o ESET License Administrator.


Outras versões


Version 6.6.2072.X

  • Fixed: Stop error (BSOD) in Anti-Stealth module on Windows 10 x86, as a result of OS update series remediating critical vulnerabilities in processor architecture (KB4073291)
  • Fixed: Unable to download updates and LiveGrid problem after successful product activation associated with the error messages "Your license file does not contain a Username or Password" or "ESET LiveGrid is not accessible"
  • Fixed: Corrupted UI is being displayed when on-demand scan is launched from context menu and UI configured to start in minimal mode
  • Fixed: Security hardening in Self-defense, SMB share scanning and script monitoring modules

Version 6.6.2068.X

  • Added: Security product information included for product upgrade and migration requirements by Microsoft for Windows 10 RS3
  • Added: Vietnamese language localization
  • Fixed: Camera access protection in Device control is not functional on Windows 10 (x64 build 16278)
  • Fixed: Initial scan ignores pre-defined exclusions
  • Fixed: Objects within non-standard directories (exceeding 32000 characters) are not scanned
  • Fixed: A limited user is not able to remove IDS exception without UAC confirmation
  • Fixed: Missing "Device control is paused" alert in ERA when protection is paused
  • Fixed: A quarantined file detected by HTTP filter is restored by double-clicking it without displaying a confirmation message
  • Fixed: "Setting up full protection" message appears on Protection Status screen after every restart
  • Fixed: "Computer restart is required" status is not hidden once it is disabled
  • Fixed: Device Control does not activate after restart
  • Fixed: Various internal bugs and localization improvements

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