ESET Endpoint Security 6

Versão : 6.6.2064.1, Dimensão : 127.5 MB

Nome do Ficheiro : avremover_ees_nt32_ptb.exe

Instalador com o AV Remover: Recomendamos esta opção se não tem uma solução da ESET instalada no seu sistema.
Instalação sem o AV Remover: Seleccione esta opção se vai usar o ESET Remote Administrator para fazer o deploy nos postos de trabalho.

O produto que vai descarregar necessita do ESET Remote Administrator 6 para ser gerido remotamente.
Para usar o ESET Remote Administrator 5, veja a secção “Outras versões” listada abaixo.
Clique aqui para confirmar que versão do ESET Remote Administrator irá necessitar para gerir o produto.
Para activar este produto vai necessitar de uma License key. Para obter uma, utilizando o seu Username e Password, visite o ESET License Administrator.


Outras versões


Version 6.6.2064.X

  • Added: Native support for Microsoft Windows 10 RS3 Release (1709) including support for cloud files
  • Added: Reporting of status to Microsoft Windows Defender Security center
  • Fixed: Problem with not keeping license information, when upgrading from Endpoint 5
  • Fixed: Problem with generic threat name path exclusion containing “*” symbol
  • Fixed: Problem with splash screen appearing when docking / undocking computer
  • Fixed: Incorrect graying out of application statuses locked by ESET Remote Administrator
  • Fixed: Problem when override does not switch off, after exceeding override time when system reboot was performed
  • Fixed: Incorrect error displayed when Web access protection is not installed
  • Fixed: Client task switch “restart system when needed” is ignored, when Endpoint 6.6 is installed using ESET Remote Administrator software install task
  • Fixed: Other minor bug fixes and optimizations

Version 6.6.2052.X

  • Fixed: Specific problem in Protocol filtering
  • Fixed: GUI crashes after applying a policy with an empty list of scheduled tasks
  • Fixed: ESET GUI crashes after ending ESET tasks from the Windows Task Manager
  • Fixed: Incorrect priority when displaying yellow messages on Protection status window
  • Fixed: Specific Unicode characters used in Customer names in licenses prevents product activation
  • Fixed: Splash screen displays even when disabled from the user interface section of Advanced setup
  • Fixed: Performing a custom installation removes all application statuses
  • Fixed: “Internal Server Error” error when attempting to deactivate products from ESET Remote Administrator
  • Fixed: Several identical rules created in the Firewall using Interactive mode
  • Fixed: The “Enable Document protection” link does not resume Document protection when paused
  • Fixed: Scheduler's task are not triggered automatically
  • Fixed: Product activation issues
  • Fixed: Product installation issues on Windows 8 x64
  • Fixed: Product installation issues on Windows XP SP3
  • Fixed: Localization improvements

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