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ESET Internet Security secures multiple devices on multiple platforms (Windows, Mac, Android, Linux). Try it free, with no obligation.

ESET advice: How to protect your data

Personal information, credit card information, login data, emails – hackers can monetise anything! Don’t make it easy for them! ESET will show you how to protect your privacy

Are you a hopeless shopaholic? Protect your payments

Attackers will try different tricks, including fake bank apps

  • Always make sure the app you use is the official version
  • Read the business terms
  • Check which stores employ unfair practices – see this list: www.coi.cz/en/
  • Use a secure browser to make online payments

Tempted to click before you lose your signal? Don’t lose your privacy as well

Being online 24/7 is great if you know how to protect your privacy

  • Be cautious with public Wi-Fi and use your mobile data plan where possible
  • Adjust your browsing based on how trustworthy a specific network is
  • Use security software on your smartphone
  • Download a security app with automatic updates

Streaming splatterfests at 2 AM? Make sure your devices don’t suffer any punches

Enjoy the perks of your connected home without anyone snooping around


Multiple profiles make your online life interesting? Cool, just make sure you have secure passwords

Are you using 5 different profiles, all with the same password, “martin90”? This is how you create a strong password:

  • Use sentences rather than words, e.g. "Martinsinstarulez!"
  • Use a different password for each network
  • Enable two-factor authentication
  • Use a password manager

Running to Micky D’s counts too, right?

Mobile apps can be treacherous. How do you make sure they don’t rat you out?

  • Only download apps from the official store
  • Check their permissions and read reviews
  • Keep all your apps updated
  • Use antivirus on your smartphone

Security software is not just antivirus

ESET solutions protect your online payments and monitor the security of your connection, which is the gateway to your phone and computer. They also protect your numerous devices on multiple platforms (Windows, Mac, Android, Linux).

Test the all features free for an entire month and see for yourself. No strings attached.

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Who’s peeking?

If you're lucky, just your girlfriend. Today even TVs get hacked, not just smartphones. Nevertheless, over 50% of users pay no attention to the security of their phone.

Protect yourself with the basic version of ESET Mobile Security, the app for smartphones, tablets and Android TV. It’s free!

It’s about balance… the perfect balance

Providing speed, detection or usability is not enough. You need all three to have a smooth, enjoyable online journey.



Built to keep you running fast, with no interruptions.



Blocks and eliminates even the most advanced threats.



Provides set and forget protection you can install in minutes.

ESET protects you across multiple platforms

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A legend at the core

Proven over 30 years, our award-winning NOD32 technology powers all our products.

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