UK banks targeted by Globally active Trojan

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Eighteen major banks in the UK have been targeted by the re-emergence of the Ramnit Trojan.


The Trojan has launched a UK infection, spreading configurations to equip the previously installed Malware, designed to target personal banking users. Although Ramnit doesn’t appear to have changed, with the operation, architecture and encryption algorithms remaining the same, but it does now monitor URL access and scan drives for keyword searches related to online payments or banking. Mark James, ESET IT Security Specialist, explains why the UK has been targeted and what you can do to protect yourself.

“As the UK has a very strong economic state with some very good established financial headquarters, it would stand to reason that malware designed to hit banking organisations will try and infect as many here as possible.

“The trouble with the internet is it has no real boundaries, so countries from a malware point of view just blend into one big attack vector.

Malware evolves and develops in many ways, some because the first attack method was stumped or unsuccessful, some because better or newer techniques develop into a more successful means to infect.

“We often see older strains or variants resurface causing new havoc, Malware that targets a specific vector or industry is often harder to detect as its global footprint is somewhat smaller.

“As always, good security needs to be multi-layered, regularly updating internet security software, along with traffic & data monitoring and well laid out policies will form a good base to build up your security.

“As malware does very often resurface, making sure your security products retain their ability to detect older malware is a must, we must also ensure user or staff education is kept current and up to date.

“So many attack methods utilise the human element, that educating and encouraging them to form an integral part of the business security is ultra-important.

“The instant reward from the financial segment will continue to make this industry a desirable target and the UK will continue to be near the top of that list.

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