Facebook adds physical 2FA support

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Facebook have had a two-factor authentication option for a while, but now they are adding support for physical security USB keys.


Facebook are now making it even easier to protect your data, with the addition of a registered physical security key, which you can add to your account.

By simply popping in your chosen security key after entering the password, it makes the login process faster and easier.

This option offers protection against phishing attacks, as there is no way for hackers or phishers to gain access to your security key passcode.

Mark James, ESET IT Security Specialist, discusses how extra security measures could increase user safety, and whether it should be an idea others should apply.

“Any security measures for social networking that will decrease the chances of your data breached from elsewhere being used to gain access to other accounts has the thumbs up from me.

“Password reuse is one of those nagging pains that seems to never go away and creeps back to haunt us when we least expect it.

“Old account logins, long forgotten and created when the thought of trying to remember more than 5 logins would keep you awake at night.

“We can’t always control or stop companies from being breached, but we can of course control what they can do with the info stolen.

“If our accounts are protected with two factor or two step verification then knowing my login and password may not actually cause any real harm.

“Something that makes life easier for the user also has to be embraced - we all want easy.

“We strive towards faster and better, as long as it’s safe and it encourages the user to embrace security, and take steps to keep our private data safe has to be a great step in the right direction.”

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