UK Gov to increase cyber funding

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In an effort to make the UK competitive and proactive in cyber protection there has been a large injection of funding.


The UK Chancellor Phillip Hammond announced an increase in national cyber-defence spending, quoting a £1.9 billion injection into the research and security of the Country’s cyber defence.

Chancellor Phillip Hammond insists that the UK must be able to retaliate as and when other nations develop techniques to threaten the country. The UK needs to be strong, reliable and responsible, and have the tools available to be able to defend the open internet.

As a Country, we must keep up with the demand of use and the scale of threats we face. We are seeing foreign culprits accused by the US of cyber-attacks and hacking on world changing events, such as during the US presidential election.

UK wants a similar ‘strike back’ attack, like the USA, so future spending includes recruiting more than 50 specialist to work within the cybercrime unit for the National Crime Agency, and retrain current ‘high aptitude professionals’ as cyber security experts.

Another area of development is the creation of the Cyber Security Research Institute with a virtual network of UK universities co-ordinating research to improve defence for smart phones, laptops and devices.

Mark James, ESET IT Security Specialist, discusses:

“Cyber defence is one of those areas that needs to be constantly fed.

“Due to the nature of the rapidly changing landscape and the speed at which cyber criminals adapt, keeping up with the latest attacks or having the resources to deal with largescale attacks often comes down to money and expertise.

“Providing the right expertise and professionals to give the best advice, along with investing in the right software and/or hardware to identify attacks or incoming risks, will need a substantial cash injection.

“Sadly it’s not going to just happen overnight and requires ongoing investment in training and future projects.

“Making sure we spend the cash wisely on investing in future specialists at an early age is a must.

Getting young people interested in cyber security is extremely important; making sure our future defenders are offered the opportunity to start young, with the right level of training needed to keep them interested and forming a career is a constant battle.

“It should be an area teenagers consider alongside traditional careers, and one that should be easily accessible by all. We also need to ensure help and training is available for anyone who needs it in understanding the everyday risks involved in using computers, tablets and mobile devices.

“This could, if invested correctly, make a substantial difference to our cyber defences. The UK is currently one of the top targets for cybercrime and without this substantial investment is only going to get worse.

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