ICYMI: Hackers get hacked and LG vulnerabilities

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Notorious hacking team – “Hacking Team” – were hacked last week, losing a massive 400gb of data in the process and a serious security issue goes unpatched by LG.

In case you missed it some hackers got hacked.

Notorious hacking group “Hacking Team” had a reported 400gbs of data stolen, including emails, client lists and other internal communications.

Perpetuating the trend of hacking-as-a-service and potentially pointing the finger at some big name clients, more here.

In case you missed it LG have said that they will only consider patching a serious bug in their Android phone software.

According to SEARCH-LAB Ltd LG are leaving older models in the dust and will only consider patching newer models (Android Lollipop and onward).

Disappointing to say the least, more on this story and advice for LG users here.

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