ICYMI: WhatsApp and legit websites serving ransomware

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Ransomware was the word on the lips of last week. Users of WhatsApp’s web service were targeted and legitimate websites were being made to serve ransomware due to outdated features.

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Last week it emerged that users on the web version of WhatsApp could fall victim to targeted phishing-esque attacks.

The worry thing was the ease with which cybercrims could target users: all they needed was their phone number.

It’s worth mentioning that this exploit has now been fixed by WhatsApp but if you’re interested in the details and some advice from Mark James, click here.

In further ransomware news, Heimdal Security reported that 142 million legitimate websites could potentially be serving up ransomware.

The websites in question use either outdated content management systems or plugins which are open to exploits that can cause users to be redirected to a download page for the Neutrino exploit kit.

For further information and advice from Mark James about avoiding infection if you’re a user and updating your website if you run one, click here.

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